Friday, November 6, 2009

Times Are Hard ;)

Whilst out exploring, Gemini found a way to make a few extra linden! I had to stand around looking pretty whilst she got on with the job in hand! This girl is determined when she has new hair in her sights!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Testing, Testing 123.... :) x

Wow my first post! The first of many I hope!

This blog will be used for the latest news of releases by Toxic Daisy. I will also be blogging on my escapades in Second Life and lots more. I am also going to be blogging about any great buys I may find and you may like!

Toxic Daisy is a new venture and it is brought to you by Zodiac House. My name is Willow and after a years break from SL, I got bored, verrrrry bored, so I decided to jump back in world with a vengeance and so have launched Toxic Daisy! Toxic Daisy is grunge, urban, neko, apocalyptic, dirty, ghetto furniture and all very fairly priced, I mean after all we are in a recession and who wants to pay through the nose for dirty and beat up furniture!! ;)

Thanks for reading :)